Small modern villa design

 Small modern villa design

Villa designs

The design of a small villa is considered the most important place that needs quick finishes and is quickly completed with high quality, in contrast to the finishing of large villas that require great effort and a great deal of time until it appears in the form of finishes, whether from the inside or from the outside. In fact, the design of a small modern villa ranges from 100 meters to 150 meters and mostly two floors and it can be one floor and contains two bedrooms and a bathroom in addition to the hall. The most important shapes that are chosen are the colors between dark red or full red, but there are other shapes and colors such as:

  • Violet.
  • with white.

It gives a beautiful and wonderful shape to the design of a small modern villa, but we leave the process of choosing colors to the interior designer and with the owners of the villa, and there are often intermittent periods of time to choose the appropriate colors, such as ceramics, or they can choose from a group of shapes in the catalog of the design of a small modern villa, which is with the decorator or On the Internet, when choosing colors, the furniture, its shape and color, such as the bedroom, is often a children’s room and the father’s and mother’s room. Therefore, an aesthetic form of the children’s room should be chosen, such as hanging some toys or drawing cartoons on the walls. This is done by making a rocking bed for the newborn or if the child is More than that, a room should be chosen that matches the taste of a child. As for a room for parents, it should be modern and contain cornices and a suspended ceiling. The colors can be chosen with the owners of the villa or left to choose the decorator.

Villa designs from the outside

The designs of villas from the outside are very important because they express the owners of the villa, so we find that the designs of a small villa are more beautiful than large villas because they do not need much time in the year and the best colors are chosen for them unlike large villas that require great effort and are often not beautiful The final look is like small villas.

Small villa designs 2020

In fact, fashion does not end and does not stop at a certain limit, but rather it changes every year and every year a group of small modern villa designs that distinguish it from the fashion of other years, including:

  • Art paintings.
  • Or the portrait.

It changes from each year to the next. The villas are distinguished from the outside by beautiful shapes that give an attractive impression to those who see them. Often the design of a small modern villa is in groups or an integrated compound within a large group of villas on a large area of ​​groups. Inside the compound there are a group of villa designs such as measurement. From 100 meters to 150 meters depending on the area and according to the division in which it was designed. Therefore, the small villas are considered by people in the past years because they are cheap and attractive and wonderful, unlike the apartments, so the apartments are next to each other, leaving comfort in the eyes of the owner of the villa and be more beautiful and shaped in the world of buildings Apartments and villas. Real estate companies do real estate and finishing companies do the design of a small modern villa, and in real estate companies in many places, including in new cities and isolated areas, which then turn into a revival compound in which a group of villas share beautiful forms in dividing the space, especially if they are two floors and doneFinishing it in a short time and with the highest quality, as it is small and does not require much effort, such as finishing large villas.

Bedrooms in the villas

The bedrooms are considered the most important things in the villa or small, and often two rooms contain a bed with a wardrobe, depending on the size of the area of ​​the villa, is it 100 meters or 150 meters? The owners of the villa and not to change it every period, and often the bedrooms are on the upper floor and bathrooms with them, the kitchen and the hall are on the first floor. They are furnished in the first order. Choose the colors and type of furniture, drawings, and pictures that are hung on the wall. :

  • blue.
  • and violet.
  • and orange.
  • and gray.
  • and black.

This is according to the choice of the owners of the design of a small villa and their preferred color, or leave the choice to the interior designer until one or two colors are mixed together and a beautiful third color comes out in line with the furniture, furniture and the general shape of the villa.

Villa designs 2020

Often the dining room is in the kitchen, so his travels are placed in the kitchen to eat meals for the owners, design a small modern villa or for guests, until the kitchen is provided with the guest room, and the hall is the place designated to receive guests in it, where a small set consisting of two chairs and a sofa is placed, or on request .

The bathrooms in the villas

In fact, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms or important places. It is important in every villa. Colors are chosen in the ceramics, the shape of the bathtub, and the rest of the bathroom pieces. The appropriate colors, shape and pieces that come with it are chosen. There is a wide range of designs for bathrooms according to the size and according to the appropriate form, which are chosen under the supervision of Designer.

Small modern villa design

The design of a small modern villa is a vital place in any villa, so you should pay attention to it because it is the most important place inside the villa. It mostly contains flowers or plants that give life inside and outside the villa, as it is sitting in it and enjoying the fresh air outside the garden. It is one of the most important places in the villas. Paying attention to it and taking care of it so that it is in the best condition and gives a refreshment and a beautiful shape to the villa.

Villa design 200 sq

As we know that villas start from 100 meters and reach 200 or 250 meters, that is about the design of a small villa and these sizes are internationally recognized in terms of space, shape and finishes. It is more beautiful than the large villas, as it contains 4 people in a lot. These small villas, which reach 200 meters, can accommodate a small number of people, unlike the medium and large villas that contain up to 30 people in one villa, according to its area, and are equipped first

To design a small modern ceramic villa, then the walls are made, and before the walls, the ceiling is made and the technical equipment is made by making conch, then white cement, then the sanding process, then the discussion stage at the end. Therefore, a small modern villa is designed on a set of steps that must be completed in a short time After the completion of the hall and the kitchen, the climb to the second floor comes and the same steps are taken with the bathroom and the bedrooms. After the painting process, the processing stage is completed, which is the installation of lighting, ceilings, paintings, artistic panels and engravings. There is a wide range of designs that can be appropriately chosen and implemented on the ground, in addition to Annan, the decorator. He is familiar with the current trends in the design of a small modern villa that suits the taste of the owners of the villa and helps them find the right color. After that, the processes of equipment and transfer of the materials used are done, first the warm and then the next steps until it reaches the stage of discussion and hanging pictures and paintingsThe carvings, cornices and the rest of the materials in the process of finishing and decorations, there is a type called the duplex villa, which is usually 200 square meters on two floors, which is what we talked about, and it is the most famous within the spaces of small villas and is one of the most important.


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