Learn how to clean carpets at home with ease

 Learn how to clean carpets at home with ease

1 Cleaning the carpet at home

2 The best mixtures for cleaning carpets at home

3 detergent mix

4 vinegar solution

5 Strong Oil Stain Dissolving Mix

6 ice cubes

7 How to clean carpets with steam 

Cleaning the carpet at home, the carpet is one of the basic pieces in the house, and despite the attempts of family members to maintain it, it is quickly soiled, as the carpet is one of the most common pieces in the house that is most likely to fall on it leftovers of food that leave a trace of visible stains or that Any dirt or dirt sticks to it as a result of unclean shoe soles, and because cleaning the carpet is one of the most annoying things for many women, as it requires them a lot of time and effort, so we provide you with the shortest and best ways to clean the carpet through the deck magazine  during this article.

Carpet cleaning at home

Since the rug is one of the furnishings for covering a large area of ​​the floor of the house, it is characterized by its large size and heavy weight that is difficult to move, so women are looking for a way to clean the rug without moving it from its place, and this is done through some simple steps, which are as follows: - 

Cleaning the carpet by vacuuming regularly to get rid of dirt and dust, as this reduces the accumulation of dirt on the carpet and reduces the effects of stains in it.

One of the best recommended steps is to deeply clean the carpet, whether with the usual cleaning tools or by rubbing ice cubes on the carpet,

This completely gets rid of the marks that appear by placing tables or pieces of furniture on the surface of the rug. 

If stains appear on the carpet as a result of falling food or colors, or stains as a result of severe soiling,

It can be cleaned quickly by placing the detergent or stain remover directly on the stain and pressing it firmly with a cloth so that the place of the stain does not fit on the carpet.

In addition, care must be taken when removing the stain from the carpet that it is rubbed on one side,

Among the best detergents that can be used to get rid of stains on different types of carpets, are household mixtures that consist of baking soda, salt and vinegar.

The carpet is washed by spraying water with the powder or shampoo added to it, and also using a soft brush.  

Clean, powder-free water is prepared in which to rinse the rug from the water with the powder and wipe it with a clean, dry towel.

Turn on the fan or air conditioner and leave the rug to dry.

The best mixes for cleaning carpets at home

Dear housewife, you can clean your home carpet easily without having to go to the laundry for washing carpets and rugs, and pay a lot of money or without making the effort to move it from its place by making strong detergents to remove the most difficult stains from simple components inside the house and one of the most important These detergents include:-

detergent mix

In this mixture, a tablespoon of a large amount of liquid dish detergent and a small amount of shampoo is added.

vinegar solution

In this mixture, a cup of white vinegar is added to every two large cups of water.

Strong Oil Stain Dissolving Blend

This mixture is one of the strongest and best mixtures for cleaning carpets from stains that are difficult to remove with regular detergents

It is based on mixing both an oil solvent for different kitchen uses and a nail polish remover.

ice cubes

It is preferable to use ice cubes to get rid of the effects of chewing gum on the carpet.

And that is by passing the piece of ice water over the sticky gum for some time until it is easily disposed of.

Steam cleaning method for carpets 

Recently, an easy way to clean the carpet has become famous , and cleaning it by steam, as it removes all the accumulated stains on the carpet, whatever its type, and also helps in purifying it and getting rid of bacteria due to deep cleaning, which is the method that is done through a special steam cleaning machine, but you have to dispense with buying this machine for its price Cleaning the carpet with steam, by following the following steps:- 

Evacuate all furniture from the room in which the rug is located

If the furniture is heavy and difficult to move, it can be wrapped with specialized tape to resist steam.

Or you can use aluminum foil, it does the same thing.

Clean the carpet well with a vacuum cleaner.

Taking into account the focus on the places where there are some traces of dust or stains.

Prepare your home steamer and fill its tank with a little water and vinegar to get a better result.

The device is directed to all parts of the carpet to ensure that steam reaches all its parts.

After you finish cleaning the carpet, turn on the fans to dry the carpet quickly.

Thus, we have finished showing all the ways that you can use to clean the carpet to maintain the appearance and elegance of the house

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