Finishing of modern duplex apartments

 Finishing of modern duplex apartments

It is worth noting that the finishing of the apartments requires more accuracy and quality, especially in the materials and materials used, and many people like to finish their apartments in a modern way, and everyone who wants to finish his apartment, especially if the lip is a duplex, must know the company you are dealing with and what materials you use and the quality of the parquet used, electricity And plumbing, and many more things that you should know well before starting.

Finishing a duplex apartment

The use of a company that always implements modern and modern designs, in addition to the wonderful colors that suit each personality and its tendencies of colors, and it is better that the colors are compatible with the fashion of the times to give more beauty, and the distinguished company is the one that has all kinds of modern finishes, which It is characterized by the classic, and this is determined by each customer and what he likes of the type of finishes, and each customer must know well the materials that are best used for his apartment in terms of designs, materials and colors, in addition to that, the company you choose for the finishes must choose the appropriate prices for you and each customer according to his financial capabilities, The professional company in the field of finishing is the one that uses the wonderful and strong expertise of technicians, engineers, and specialists in this field.

Apartment finishing companies 2020

You should know very well that your use of a specialized and distinguished company to finish your apartment saves you a lot of time and effort, in addition to a great result for finishing at the highest level, and it also helps you to make the best choice for your apartment for everything that includes finishes starting from electricity and plumbing, even the colors and their choices offered to you.

Decorating and finishing apartments

In this article, we will present to you the importance of finishes and the role they play in finishing apartments, so that you realize the great importance of finishing apartments, especially finishing duplexes, which need good work, excellent materials, and quality accuracy for a better result.

Finishing a new apartment

The role of finishes in buildings, especially in finishing apartments:
Adding the last touches in the finishing process so that the building can be used, whether it is for work or for housing. These finishing touches include the installation of marble and windows, in addition to painting walls, room doors and also the apartment door, and it is necessary to determine the finishing price that The cost of the apartment depends on the materials used, the raw materials, and the quality of each type that was used and implemented in the apartment, as each type differs in its price from the other.

Finishing a red brick apartment

After the finishes are finished, they give and show the apartment with a wonderful aesthetic view and comfort the eye, and this is the result of using clean and distinguished materials in the finishes at reasonable prices for the customer, which makes the apartment ready for housing.
It is distinguished as it includes electrical and wiring works, carpentry works, and plumbing works.
Good finishes are a key factor in protecting the apartment, both directly and indirectly.
Finishing adjusts the angles and sides, both horizontal and vertical, of the apartment, and it treats and repairs all the defects in the apartment,
achieving the texture of the surfaces of the apartment to be rough in a large way and at the same time highly smooth.
It gives the color that the customer wants in a way that comforts the eye and according to the designs required.
It works to hide all the behavior of electricity and plumbing hoses, as well as any break that occurred between the building materials of the apartment.
Good finishes isolate heat from the apartment so as not to damage it, and isolate it from any moisture or rumors that cause damage to the apartment walls.

Pictures of finishing modern apartments 2020

It also insulates the sound so that the client finds calm and comfort in it, and also works to avoid any fire.

We also review for you the various and different types of finishes and their various names, which are of interest to many customers to know and differentiate between them when you want to finish your apartment with the best materials:

Apartment finishing stages

The apartment is on bricks only and has not been finished with any finishes. When you see it, you will find it on bricks. Nothing has been installed on it, and there are no ceramic floors or the like.

Semi-finished apartment:
This apartment will be on the clam, where the basics related to electricity have been done without erecting wires, basic plumbing works, and so on.

Fully finished apartment:
This type means that the apartment has been finished with all electrical work, plumbing, floors and installation of ceramics, walls and painting, so the apartment is finished in the finishing work and is delivered to the customer, but this apartment is at a slightly low price, as it is one of the finishes of the business .

Luxe finishing apartment:
This type of finishing is the highest degree of a fully finished apartment in terms of the materials used in it, the best type of them, clean materials, and a great finish, delivered to the customer, which gives him a kind of psychological comfort in the finishing of his apartment, and this finishing is widely spread as It suits most customers in terms of shape, specifications and prices.

Super Lux Finishing Apartment:
This type is much better than Lux, where other additions are used other than the basic finishes, for example: setting up an air-conditioning exchange, setting up insulating the floor of the apartment, and porcelain for the floor is used, which is of a very good type.

Finishing of a duplex apartment:
This apartment differs slightly in its finishes, as it consists of two floors, i.e. two apartments on top of each other, and requires a higher effort in finishing.

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